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      cá cược việt nam và lào

      Employees of Charter Communications, which sells internet service under the name Spectrum, have tested positive for covid-19 in several states, according to emails obtained by Gizmodo. The confirmed cases follow a dispute between labour and management last month over a no-work-from-home policy that was later reversed—at least in part, for some employees.

      Scientists are debating a key aspect of the coronavirus that causes covid-19: whether the virus lingers in the air for long enough and in a great enough quantity for airborne transmission to be a common source of infection. It seems like a simple enough question, but it’s actually posing quite a challenge to researchers.

      Gizmodo is looking at a lot of net art these days, but you’ll have to scan further than Google Arts and Culture to find it, so we asked net artists for help. Today, critic Paddy Johnson tells us about how a chance meeting with Cory Arcangel changed her life.

      In the summer of 2017, Mary Hess, a retired postal worker, heard rumours about a proposal for a mysterious new coal plant to be built in her town of Dale, Indiana. But for months, they were just rumours, because it was hard to find any details about the project.

      AMD has finally announced it’s adding super affordable Ryzen 3 desktop processors to its 3rd generation line-up, plus a new B550 chipset that supports PCIe 4.0. Based on AMD’s latest Zen 2 architecture, the Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X are Intel i3 competitors designed to handle both work productivity loads and gaming at a 1080p resolution with graphics on high, the best of both worlds for anyone building a desktop on a super tight budget. The 3100 will cost $US100 ($158)?and the 3300X $US120 ($189). Both should be available starting May 21, 2020.

      Quibi launched earlier this month and despite initial reports, . There's a good mix of short form content but I've been holding out for Dummy.

      Starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and written by Cody Heller, it tells a re-imagined story of the time Heller discovered her partner, Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty) had a secret sex doll. In the retelling the doll comes to life, rocking a liberal amount of filthy dialogue as the fictional Cody faces her anxieties through a blaze of weed smoke. As ridiculous as the premise is, the show strikes nerve. It may be the most unique and confronting show to grace streaming services this year.